Ache (Axe)! Caribbean American Cultural Tradition at the Lincoln Center

Ache: “Lavagem da Rua” (Cleansing of the Street) event was part of  NY Lincoln Center out of the Doors.

This project, presented in association with the Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute, brought to the stage, artists and dancers as Tatau (former lead singer of Araketu), Alexandre Cortes de Barros, a section of “Baianas”, members of the “Afoxe de Filhas de Gandhy”, drummers from Brazil, “Something Positive” from Trinidad, “Legacy Circle” from the Dominican Republic, “Ashe Dance” from Haiti, Amma McKen, and “Grupo Oriefun” from Cuba Sunday.

It happened on August 2, 2015 at 7:00 pm , ouside Lincoln Center,  at the Damrosch Park; everybody danced…

Silvana Magda introduced this Brazilian Tradition to the United States, many years ago. It is a Brazilian traditional ceremony from Bahia, that translates as “the cleansing of the street.” African Diaspora tradition acknowledges “the road” as a metaphor for “the journey of life”. Clean the roads for a better life.

The Caribbean Cultural Center brings together artists representing countries of the Diaspora, including Together, Brazil, Cuba, Trinidad, Haiti, Puerto Rico, present the ceremony with song, music, and dances, to reflect the different roads traveled on the path to a joyful destiny.

Ache (Axe)—may it be so!

The photos reflect just part of the event; give your rate; thank you!


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