Walking With Frida Kahlo at the NY Botanical Garden…in 2015 part I

DSC_4105 copyIts summer in New York, and the Botanical Garden is showing  Frida Kahlo’s exhibition.

Inspired by her strong contrasts, the music and dancers, I was intensively picturing the ballet of colors and forms of the beautiful garden. That’s why this work is presented in two parts:because of the amount of photos.DSC_4109 copy

Happy and relaxed people around me, made it easy the walk for almost three hours, under one of these amazing sunny days of NYC.

This work is my homage to the great woman that was Frida Kahlo, one inspiration, a woman pioneer in so many senses, including in her choice of in what side of the border she choose to live, love and create.

Ole Frida!


Impressive that a woman, dead many years ago (1954), still has such a power to move people (foundations including), and put together this complex show.

Congratulations to the Curator Adriana Zavala, the Board of The New York Botanical Garden and the President Gregory Long and all  (no sense write all their names), and every person involved in this magnificent show/event; thank you!

As Brazilian singer Adriana Calcanhoto in the song “Esquadros”:

“Eu ando pelo mundo prestando atenção
Em cores que eu não sei o nome
Cores de almodóvar
Cores de Frida Kahlo, cores”….

“I walk around the world watching
In colors I do not know the name
Colors of Almodóvar
Colors of Frida Kahlo, colors “….

For those interested in knowing  more about  Frida Kahlo, from Wikipedia click here

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