Blizzard 2016 – the Day After

Sunday’s brilliant sunshine and gently rising temperatures provided a respite from the blizzard that paralyzed New York and part of the East Coast.

DSC_5906 copy

Overall snowfall of 26.8 inches in Central Park made it New York’s second biggest winter storm since records began in 1869, and Saturday’s 26.6 inches made for a single-day record in the city. Some of the blizzard’s heaviest snow bands wound up over New York City and Long Island, sending snow totals spiking higher than the 12-18 inches forecasters predicted Thursday.

The storm’s snowfall total was the second-greatest in city history, missing the record by a tenth of an inch, according to the National Weather Service’s measurement in Central Park, meteorologist Faye Barthold said.

The weekend timing could not have been better, enabling many to enjoy a gorgeous winter day. On Roosevelt Island, a little piece of haven between Manhattan and Queens,  families went outside sledding, surfing the snow, or just shoveling on post-blizzard to-do list – or just to take photos, as I did, since there are so many options.

Always intrigued by the patterns…sand, snow, everywhere; check it out!


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