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Carter Burden Gallery Group Show

We were surprised by one more special Manhattan secret when visiting the C.B. Group show; lots of galleries at the same buildings – 548/547 were having their opening nigh at the same time! The building was one whole party of Arts and people walking around, it all served by wine and cheese – most of them anyway.


On September 8th, 2016, from 6 to 8 PM, we attended the exciting group show at the Carter Burden Art Gallery, located at 548 West 28th Street, New York, 10001.

The exhibition will continue until September 29, with the following schedule:

  • Tuesday to Friday: 11 – 5
  • Saturday: 11 – 6


Carol Massa with Abstract Mind
Carol Massa with Abstract Mind
Katinka Mann with “Colors”

As we all know – and for those who don’t – this gallery is part of a broader program from the C.B. Center , which has the mission to promote safety and dignity of seniors, including their artistic talents. It was a beautiful event, lots of

Margo Mead with Silhouette Voices
Margo Mead with Silhouette Voices

The curator of the exhibition is Marlena Vacaro.

The night didn’t finish there at Carter Burden gallery; the entire building have plenty of galleries and they all were have their opening at the same time; a luck night of Art and Happiness.

Walking outside the Empire States and parties in the streets; NYC!

In this small slide show (photos from iPhone) I hope you can get one idea of the good time all the lucky presents at the group exhibition had; enjoy!


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Walking With Frida Kahlo at the NY Botanical Garden…in 2015 II

DSC_4482 copyThe New York Botanical Garden is a playground for a photographer like me; everywhere I was looking at there was something interesting for my type of photography, something from which I could’ve translate in some design.

DSC_4355 copy

In a beautiful explosion of colors, textures, contrasts, saturation, like that of the New York Botanical Garden, and Frida Kahlo show, I was left in a photographer paradise…well, at least mine kind of.

Enjoy, give your rate, thank you!

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Walking With Frida Kahlo at the NY Botanical Garden…in 2015 part I

DSC_4105 copyIts summer in New York, and the Botanical Garden is showing  Frida Kahlo’s exhibition.

Inspired by her strong contrasts, the music and dancers, I was intensively picturing the ballet of colors and forms of the beautiful garden. That’s why this work is presented in two parts:because of the amount of photos.DSC_4109 copy

Happy and relaxed people around me, made it easy the walk for almost three hours, under one of these amazing sunny days of NYC.

This work is my homage to the great woman that was Frida Kahlo, one inspiration, a woman pioneer in so many senses, including in her choice of in what side of the border she choose to live, love and create.

Ole Frida!

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